Apple to launch HomePod in China, in early 2019


Apple is ready to launch its Homepod, a smart speaker in china early next year as product appeared on apple website in china, saying the device will be available in early 2019. Apple is slowly launching Homepod worldwide.

Initially launched in United States, United Kingdom, and Australia in february 2018, after which in june of same year, launched in Canada, France, and Germany. and later launched in Mexico and Spain in October.

As Apple launching the product in one of the biggest market in the world and before its competition, Amazon and Google, will give Apple a lead in china to establish its Siri-powered device.

And to make the product work in china, Apple will offer Chinese language support. means in addition to all the other languages, Apple will offer both simplified and traditional language of China, Mandarin and Cantonese. Only in China.

And the price of the HomePod in China will be RMB 2,799 ($408.21).