LG could be working on Smartphone Camera with 16 lens, as patent describes


Does the three camera setup on samsung galaxy a7 seemed like more than enough to you, than how about 16 camera setup? The korean company LG may be working on a smartphone camera with that many lenses, according to a recently filed patent seen by LetsGoDigital.

These lenses would be arranged in 4x4 matrix, and intended to take multiple perspectives in a single shot, according to the patent. A user can choose one specific lens to take a photo and it is also possible to select multiple lenses.


According to LetsGoDigital "Images that are taken at the same time by different lenses can be combined into a moving image. A part of the photo can then be selected, to replace this with an image part that has been captured by another lens. It is even possible to combine several parts of different photos together. You can also select a head of a person or object, after which you can turn it into almost any desired position. As explained in picture. "


LG is also looking to place a flash and a mirror on the back, which allow users to photograph themself in a self-portrait mode. In addition, the patent describes the possibility of integrating a second display on the back of the device. According to patent, LG is thinking to place an audio output unit at the rear and the speaker will work in conjunction with the front speaker, to create a stereo sound.

It just remains to be seen if the LG will be able to transform the concept into reality.