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Skype Double the Limit to 100 Participants allowed in a call


Zoom brought video meeting revolution, which soon big tech players like Facebook and Google followed with Facebook Rooms (50 users at a time) and Google Meet (100 users at a time for free). So how can Microsoft be behind in this race? The latest update to Skype brings support for up to 100 participants within calls.

Here is the complete changelog for the update, Microsoft posted: It's a big room: Now you can have those big conversations, because Skype calls now support up to 100 participants. Learn more about making a Skype call. Bug fixes and stability improvements. We've moved some bugs to a nice farm upstate and made some improvements.

Microsoft post lists different OS versions in two separate groups, but the changes for all versions of Skype are the same. Support for up to 100 participants in calls and bug fixes are rolling out to Skype on Windows, Mac, Linux, the Web, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Microsoft started testing 100 person limit a few weeks ago to Skype Insiders which is now increased from 50 to 100 participants per call for everyone.


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