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Google brings a lot of desired features to Chrome with Chrome 87 update, 25 percent faster | All Details Inside


The final update of Chrome in 2020 brings a lot of features, we've been asking google for quite some time. The new Google Chrome version 87 update brings Faster loading of pages, less CPU usage which means long battery life and most important less RAM usage.

Google claims "reducing CPU usage by up to 5x and extending battery life by up to 1.25 hours" and "Chrome now starts up to 25 percent faster, loads pages up to 7 percent faster, and does all of this using less power and RAM than before."

Chrome introduced certain tab management features which include pinning tabs, sending tabs to other devices and group tabs. For all these features, one has to install some extensions before, now it comes loaded with Chrome. This update will also bring tab search option to a toolbox, which will allow you to see a list of all the open tabs regardless of the window and search for the tab you are looking for. But this feature is coming first to Chromebooks, then to other desktop platforms soon.

Google is making the chrome address bar more powerful by adding more actions to it, which you have to go to settings before like “edit passwords,” or “delete history,”. "a faster way to get things done with just a few keystrokes. For example: when you type “edit passwords,” or “delete history,” Google announced.

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Google is also planning on making you find already visited pages more easily like you found a recipe online, and you can't find it again at the time to cooking so to help you with that, Google to add cards to new tab page soon in Chrome, which will take you to recently-visited and related content.

"Cards in Chrome will help you pick up where you left off. They include recently-visited and related content, and they'll start showing up for some users on the new tab page, underneath the shortcuts." Google announced.

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