Google might Shut Down Allo soon, Which was Last Updated Months ago


Google might shut down Allo, messaging app "soon". a source said to 9to5google that Google might shut down Allo, as company paused investment in "Allo" 8 months ago and "Google lost its allo lead" said Amit Fulay (Head of Product), before leaving Google to join Facebook.

It's not first time, recent report said that Hangouts will get shut down but company clears the rumor and said classic hangout will be split into two products Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. but the core of story was ultimately proven true.

Allo users also have complained of bugs and broken functionality. Messages not being delivered, hearting posts randomly disappearing for some, and the latest stable version has been unable to perform Google Drive restores of chats for several weeks.

All allo team members was moved to work on Android Messages and Google's new messaging sytem RCS several months ago.