Google launches version 1.0 of Flutter, The Android and iOS development software


Google Flutter, an UI toolkit for building mobile Android and iOS applications, initially released in beta mode on, May 2017. And now Google launched its latest update Flutter 1.0, and Google also looking to bring Flutter to the web too.


Google also announced new third-party integrations to Flutter. The first is with Square, which announced two new Flutter SDKs for building payments flows, both for in-app experience and in-person terminals using a Square reader. Others are 2Dimensions, for building vector animations and embedding them right into Flutter, as well as Nevercode, which announced a tool for automating the build and packaging process for Flutter apps. techcrunch reported


Some features launched with new flutter includes "Add to App”, a new feature that makes it easier for developers to slowly add Flutter code to existing apps. Initial focus of flutter was to building new apps from scratch, but as now, it gains popularity and got official launch, developers now want to use it for parts of their existing applications to keep their apps with latest tech.

Flutter apps are written in Dart and designed to be fast as its custom app engine running on Google's hardware-accelerated Skia engine. which means 60fps apps on Android and iOS and a path for 120fps apps in the future.

With flutter Google wants android apps to be ready for its Fushcia os, which will be the competition of most popular OS, android which got old, as it was designed 10 years ago before the world was sure that all-screen, multitouch, iPhone-style smartphones were the future. And Google wants to upgrade with latest and futuristic Fuchia OS, which needs three to five years of develoment time.