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Apple and LG finalize the deal to sell iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch inside LG stores in Korea


Apple has been reportedly trying to make a distribution deal with LG since last month, to sell its iPhones and iPads in LG stores in South Korea following the LG's exit from the mobile industry.

And according to the latest report, LG has agreed to the deal and will start selling iPhones instead of their own phones in their network of 400 LG Best Shops, in August this year. This will be the same time as Apple's biggest and LG's homeland competitor Samsung will be conducting its Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11, which has been expected to announce the latest foldable smartphones by the tech giant.

The timing of the Samsung event and Apple's deal overlapping might not be such a coincidence since Samsung is one of the biggest competitors of Apple and this deal is expected to make a big impact on Samsung's sales in its own homeland.

It's not like Samsung didn't try to poach this deal. Last month we reported Samsung also send the same request to LG to sell Galaxy devices in their stores but LG being the biggest competitor of Samsung in their homeland for not only mobile but also Computers, TVs, Washing Machines, and home appliances, this strange request was expected to be rejected by media before the company even made any decision.