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Twitter might let you give an option to Sign in with Google soon


Twitter is reportedly working on adding an option to sign in with a Google account. Google has been offering apps and platforms to add a sign-in with google option for years now and become a useful and popular option for many users who don't want to sign up manually.

Although, this would be the first time a major social media platform like Twitter will be offering other company's sign-in option on its login page.

According to liable leaker Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on adding an option to sign in with a google account on its login page. A third option "Continue with Google" can be seen above "Sign up" and "Log in" in the leaked screenshot.

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It is still unknown how Twitter will allow you to use this option, whether this feature will allow you to add a google account to the existing Twitter account or you will have to create a new one with google. And like other leaked features, it is a possibility that the company might decide to skip this feature altogether.

In another tweet, Wong also revealed that Twitter is working on giving users the ability to add a caption (.srt) file with the video right in the Tweet Composer. These leaked features might be coming on the platform in the coming weeks or months.