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Samsung sends a strange request to LG, asking them to sell Galaxy Phones in their stores in Korea


LG has shut down its smartphone division this year and still hasn't able to put a dent in the company's much bigger tech empire which is competing with other tech giants around the globe. And one of LG's biggest competitors is from its homeland.

While Samsung has been a dominant player in the smartphone market, like LG, it also manufactures a vast variety of products like Smart TVs, home appliances, and more. And LG's exit from the smartphone business has left space empty in LG Best Shops, the company's retail network in South Korea. According to SamMobile, Samsung is now requesting its major competitor LG to sell Galaxy phones at the LG's best shops.

This comes after when LG is reportedly planning to sell Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch at its 400 Best Shops store across South Korea from 1st August 2021. And Apparently, Samsung doesn't like the closeness between them and sent a request for "urgent cooperation" with LG. "The request has been made to LG Electronics on behalf of Samsung Electronics by three of the country’s largest carriers." the report added.

South Korean media reports that it's strange for Samsung to make such a request to LG because of the relationship between the two. They always have been each other's biggest rivals. The sources also believe it's really unlikely that LG will consider this request even it has been made by the country’s largest carriers.