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After Leakers, Apple threatens a Dutch graphic designer to sue over AirPods Max render


The leaks of the tech giant's products have become so common a part of the launch process that people following daily tech already know the details of the device before months launch time. This also raises the popularity and excitement of the company's upcoming product. But lately, Apple doesn't seem to be fully on board with this type of product hype and has started sending legal warnings to anyone involved in leaks concerning Apple.

Melodyfuse reported just a day ago about Lawyers hired by Apple sending warnings to prominent leakers like Kang in china. And now Apple has engaged a lawyer in the Netherlands to send a warning to a dutch graphic designer/concept creator for a concept of Airpods Max.

According to Letsgodigital, Jermaine Smit, the dutch graphic designer, has received a letter from the Amsterdam law firm Hofhuis Alkema Groen Advocaten. The 5-page letter talks about how Jermaine has illegally procured confidential information from Apple that has been made public. the letter mentioned Jermaine's concept of Airpods Max as an example and how this type of reporting "deprives Apple of its ability to surprise customers with new product announcements." the report added "If this request is not complied with, Apple is prepared to take any legal action necessary to protect its interests,"

apple airpods max render

The above image is the concept of Apple AirPods Max created by Jermaine based on the leaks by Jon Prosser. He is a graphic designer and concept creator and not really known as a leaker online. Additionally, He has quite a following on YouTube and Twitter, with 125K and 10K followers respectively.

This kind of crackdowns and fines on such passionate leakers and graphic designers that spends so much time and effort into creating these renders and concept designs will really push some talented tech enthusiasts out of the industry. Most of the leakers and concept creators work independently doing what they love instead of doing a 9 to 5 job.

And like it or not if Apple continues this trend of warning the independent creators, another big tech will soon follow which they already do for everything Apple does. Eventually ending this trend of tech leaks.