youtube unlisted videos update

Youtube to make all the Unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 private next month; here's how to opt-out


Youtube is making a change to it its platform that will make all the Unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 private next month.

The 'Unlisted' videos on Youtube are videos that don't show up on the search results and can only be viewed by the video link shared by the creator.

In 2017, Youtube rolled out a security update to the system that generates new YouTube Unlisted links, which made the links of unlisted videos even harder to find unless shared by the creator.

This is why only the videos uploaded before the update took place will be made private, starting July 23, 2021. Youtube has also given the creator an option to opt-out of this update and keep their Unlisted videos as same as it is now. Plus creators will be notified if any of their videos get impacted by this update.

"You can also reupload these older videos as Unlisted under the new system to benefit from the security update. However, data associated with the original upload, like views or comments, won’t transfer. Any embedded videos using the old link would also need to be updated to the new video URL." Youtube said in the blog.

If you have any unlisted videos and want to keep them that way you can fill out this form by July 23, 2021.