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Instagram starts testing new 'Put Suggested Posts before your Personal feed' layout


Instagram will start showing suggested posts mixed throughout your main feed and sometimes even before the posts from the accounts you follow.

The company said they have found quite a positive response about the 'Suggested Posts' feature, which is why they will be testing the new layout with more suggested posts and unlimited scrolling on your feed.

You will also be able to select the topics you want to see in your suggested posts. Plus the option to get rid of the recommendations from your feed for 30 days.

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The new layout will be rolling out only to a small number of users living in English-speaking countries. The new feature will make it really hard for you to see the latest posts from friends and family or your favorite groups. Before this, the only Suggested posts you had to see on the platform were at the end of your personalized feed.

This layout change is only a test for now and if it makes full public which it most probably will, It will be hard for you more than ever to leave Facebook's Social media web and its annoyingly personalized ads.

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