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Apple sends warning to liable leakers in China, intensifying the efforts to crackdown on leaks


The leaks have become a very common part of the process of launching a tech product, and Apple doesn't seem to like it so much and has started sending warning letters to the prominent leakers in china.

This news comes to light when a liable leaker known as "Kang" with some other leakers from china received warning letters from lawyers representing Apple and shared the same on their Weibo account.

In the letter, lawyers warn ed the leakers about leaking information about the unreleased products, which can affect the company in multiple ways including giving Apple's competitors valuable information and can "mislead customers, because what is disclosed may not be accurate." Apple also took screenshots of Kang's Weibo account as evidence, in which he also talked about his problems with iPhone's experience.

Kang also commented on the situation on Weibo: "I think my experience with Apple products is objective and fair, and the purchase advice has always been to say don’t buy anything, no other nonsense. I have never published undisclosed product pictures, which means that Apple does not welcome riddlers and Dreaming, dreaming will violate their confidentiality mechanism, even if I have a dream, Apple’s competitors will obtain effective information."

Apple recently has also made changes to its development process to avoid software leaks. according to a 9to5mac, "each major feature introduced this year has a unique identifier (also known as a flag) that is associated with a “disclosure requirement.” Throughout the internal development of iOS 15, this allowed Apple to enable only certain features and changes for certain engineers and designers, thus reducing the number of Apple employees who knew the details about iOS 15 changes."