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Google announces new features for classroom meetings on Meet; live captioning and more


Google introduces new features for student users of Google Meet. The update includes more security, easier-to-use UI, and more. The updates will be rolling out in the next few months.

Starting with the features of meetings initiated from Google Classroom, which are pretty classroom-inspired and give more powers in the hands of Teachers. The first feature is that Every teacher and co-teacher will be made hosts of the meeting by default.

The second feature of google classroom meetings is that every student on the Classroom roster will be automatically admitted to the meeting once a teacher joins and while in the 'waiting room' students won't be able to see or talk with other students until the teacher joins the meet. The third and final feature is that anyone not available on the Classroom roster will have to “ask to join” and only the teacher(s) can allow them into the meeting.

Google also announced an update to the hand-raise feature: "People who raise their hands show up in the grid and there is a persistent notification so you can see how many people raised their hands and in what order. And once a student with a raised hand is done talking, their hand automatically lowers."

Users with a paid education subscription will also get live translated captions with a built-in translator for the captions. Google meet will now also support closed captioning in five languages. users will also be able to pin multiple tiles in a meeting. Users will soon be able to host public live streams streamed right to YouTube.

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Now new features for all the rest of the meetings are like this: the first feature is when a host ends breakout rooms, participants will get a warning and then will be forced back into the main meeting.

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The last feature in this list is "video lock" which will let hosts turn off everyone's video at once and the last feature of google meet is hosts will be adding safety controls to the mobile and tablets which lets you end or mute call of everyone on the meeting.