youtube preview

Youtube will soon bring the entire video player on the homepage of its app


Youtube is testing a feature that will let you play an entire video on the homepage without even clicking on it. The Youtube app currently shows only previews of the videos while scrolling through the homepage or Trending section.

And with the feature update, you will be able to watch the whole video and toggle on and off the volume and caption of the video right on the homepage.

The feature has already started rolling out for some pixel users running android 12, which shows the volume and caption button on the top right of the video and a progress bar that you can scrub through.

If you are not a fan of this feature like me you can always turn it off by going to youtube app settings>general>muted playback in feeds>and select off.

Just like any early-stage feature, Youtube is testing this change on a few numbers of its users. You can only wait to see the change as there is no way of telling how youtube is rolling out this change for now.