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TSMC to prioritize Apple's A15-chip orders as the Global Chip Shortage continues


The global chip shortage is making headlines for months now, and there is no solution in sight except to increase production, which will take years to set up. And Countries like Japan and the US are doing exactly that. But for now, TSMC is the largest semiconductor manufacturing company and it has decided to prioritize the orders from Apple and car manufacturers.

TSMC has been one of the key manufacturing partners of Apple and with the new iPhone 13 series launch on the way, this news came as no surprise.

According to Digitimes, Automotive ICs (Integrated Circuits) and Apple chip orders are getting the most priority after then the orders from PC and server manufacturers. TSMC is not only Apple's exclusive manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad's A-series chips but also the newly introduced M-series chips.

While the rest of the smartphone, gaming console, and literally every tech-related industry are facing the chip crisis with products out of stock products and price increases. Apple will be easily ramping up the production of the new upcoming iPhone 13 series devices. According to the report, TSMC is manufacturing the new Apple's A15-chip on a 5-nanometer fabrication process.