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Google App on Android is repeatedly crashing after the latest update and here's how to fix it


Many users are experiencing the Google app constantly crash on Android after an update. Users across Google Pixel, Samsung, and Motorola devices are experiencing the issue.

The crashing is not limited to the Google app, other Google apps like podcast and lens are also having the same problem. The problem starts after the user updates the Google app to version, after which the app starts crashing repeatedly every few minutes without any user's input.

And since Lens, Discover feed, and podcast apps are kind of built-in to the main app, they too are experiencing similar crashes. Users are also unable to bring up Assistant with the voice commands.

When many users took on social media to complain about the issue, the official @madebygoogle handle replied to one user, suggesting a soft reboot to fix the issue, which worked for some users. And if this doesn't do the trick for you there are two more options.

The first option is to uninstall the app updates by going to the play store>search for Google>open the google app from the result>and then press uninstall or go to system settings>apps>manage apps>search google>uninstall updates. You can also try clearing the data and cache of the app which will do the same thing. This will clear all your data and revert to the google app version that came first with your device.

The second option, recommended by 9to5Google and I am not sure this will help or not, is to Join the Beta program by going to the play store>search for Google>open the google app from the result>scroll to the bottom and pressing join on the Join the Beta option. Then updating to the beta version of the app.