lg sideways rollable oled tv

LG files patent for sideways Rollable OLED TV


LG has patented a sideways rollable OLED TV that might come soon to some markets. LG was the first brand to showcase a rollable tv in 2018, Signature OLED R. And successfully launched a 65-inch rollable TV in the Netherlands in March 2021.

Lg's Signature OLED R rolls the TV screen upwards from a device, and after three years of the announcement, the company seems to be working on a new type of rollable OLED TV that will expand sideways from the middle.

The new rollable OLED TV looks more like the old rollable TV stood upright, as per the working and design of the tech described in the patent. Both the design looks super-cool and futuristic, but someone can like one design more than other, and LG is not leaving any expense to make every rollable TV device possible.

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"Seen from the rear, the screen is supported in the middle by a T-shaped frame, which is mounted on the base. This frame should ensure that the display surface looks smooth, without wrinkles. Unfortunately, no information is known about the screen size, based on the images it seems to be a 16:9 aspect ratio."report said.

lg tv rollable display

While Samsung is leading the way for rollable mobile displays, another South Korean tech giant LG is creating a full lineup for rollable TVs and Samsung will have a hard time competing in the TV space. With every technical advancement comes a big price tag attached to it for the first few generations and that's the case here too.

While we don't know when this patented device might launch, one thing is for sure just like the vertical rollable tv it will come with a big price tag too.