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Xiaomi files a patent for Sound Charging Tech, which will use sound to charge phones


Xiaomi is working on sound to charge technology according to a new patent filed in CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). Off late, Xiaomi seems to be working a lot on advanced changing tech, In January, the company revealed that they are working on Air Charging tech that will charge phones wirelessly.

Less than a month ago, Xiaomi also revealed 200W charging which charged a 4000mAh battery phone in 8 minutes. Although it became pretty clear it is only good for showcasing for now, as 200W charging damages the phone's battery as quick as it charges it. The tech seems to degrade the battery life to 60% only after 400 charging cycles.

Xiaomi seems to be working on the tech that will use sound to charge your phone, according to the patent filed in CNIPA and first revealed by mysmartprice.


"The sound charging device includes a “sound collection device, a plurality of energy conversion devices, and a power conversion device” to convert it from environmental to mechanical vibration, the patent description reads." the report revealed. The device will further convert this mechanical vibration into alternating current (AC) and then convert it direct current (DC) to charge the device.

It is still not clear what of these futuristic charging techs by Xiaomi will be made public and when. But Xiaomi has made pretty clear they are serious about the charging tech and might be close to a breakthrough.