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Xiaomi wants to rejoin Apple and Samsung in creating in-house SoC for its Smartphones


The race of making faster and better chipsets is quite fierce with new competitors joining in, the main competitor being Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm with news of Google coming with its in-house SoC for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. And now Xiaomi wants to enter this market too.

According to a report, Xiaomi is already recruiting new people to create a team for in-house chipset development. The company hopes to start with an in-house chipset for accessories first and eventually to more complex smartphone chipsets.

Xiaomi’s tried manufacturing in-house chipsets first in 2017. The company introduced a custom Surge S1 chipset that powered the budget Xiaomi Mi 5c. This march Xiaomi also introduced a custom Surge C1 image signal processor for the foldable Mi Mix Fold.

Developing an SoC for smartphones is quite hard, even for the tech giants with the giant pile of cash. Apple has been using its own chipsets for iPhones for as long as anyone can remember plus all-new M1 chips for MacBooks and iPads which are highly integrated and efficient with their own os.

And Qualcomm has been the biggest producer for other Android device's SoC needs, while Samsung slowly pushing its own Exynos to other smartphone companies. Samsung has not been able to popularize its own chipset, and lack of confidence might be the reason as Samsung only offers its phones with Exynos only to few countries while giving the Snapdragon version to other Countries, sometimes even in its home country South Korea.