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Instagram working on 'Visual Search' for its Shops to help you find similar products; plus more features


Instagram is working on quite a few features that will be coming soon, leaked by Instagram tipster Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter. The first feature is "Visual Search" which will let you search the shops for the product visible in a post.

To search Instagram Shopping for a similar product you like in a post, you will be able to select the "Visual Search" option from the post's three-dot menu, which will show the similar products in a pop window. This feature seems quite similar to Google Lens plus a lot of shopping sites have adopted this feature over the years.

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And just like Google Lens Instagram will offer a "Camera Search" option too, which will let you take a picture with your camera or choose a photo to search the product in shops without uploading.

instagram camera search

The next feature is Text-to-Speech for Instagram Reels, which can be quite useful for a short video platform. Many users already use a text-to-speech feature in creating their reels, this will cut a few extra steps for them.

Last but not least, Instagram is working on the option to schedule Room for later. The "Schedule for later" option is visible in the preview, below the "Start Room" option.

instagram room schedule for later