Google Measure App

Google shut down Measure, its AR-based Measurement App


Google is one of the tech giants that take their AI and AR plans quite seriously, but Google might be the only company that is most famous for its love of killing its apps and services. And AR-based Measure app is the one joining Google's kill list. Google has suspended both support and updates for Measure.

Google introduced the Measure app back in 2016 as a Tango-exclusive app, eventually creating the standalone app for ARCore-supported devices in 2018. Measure app lets you measure the dimensions of things with the help of your smartphone camera and with quite accurate results sometimes too.

Measure app got some pretty important feature-packed updates over the years too, such as the app was updated to work on vertical surfaces in 2018 plus new surface animation and unit conversions last year.

The Measure app was quite innovative and successful, which even led to Apple making its own version of the app for iPhones. Though Apple ones work a little better with the help of lidar hardware on the new phones.

As First Reported by Android Police "The app listing for Measure was taken down for accounts that did not previously have it. For those that downloaded it at least once before (and who have it in their app library)"

The listing now only states: "This app is no longer supported and will not be updated. Users who previously installed this app can continue to use it on compatible devices."

There is still a way for the users who never installed the app even once to use the app by downloading the apk from