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Logo Camera - Microsoft patents under-display quad-camera tech, might be coming in next Surface Device


Microsoft files a patent for all new new 'Logo camera' technology. While other tech giants are trying to perfect the under-display camera, Microsoft has come with something in the middle which is neither a typical camera nor an under-display one. The camera will be placed under the Microsoft Logo.

According to the report, Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC filed a patent for a 'Logo camera' in October 2020 and published it on May 14, 2021. The patent detail reveals about four under-display cameras, each with its own color filter. Yes, a four-lens camera is placed under the Logo. The technology is intended for a 'mobile computing device, such as a Microsoft Surface device'.

Microsoft plans to use "Logo Camera" for a wide variety of products from the front and rear-facing cameras in mobile phones to surface devices. The quad-camera module is placed in a 2×2 array with each sensor color optimized. The pixel density of the screen is also increased to achieve a high camera resolution.

microsoft surface logo cam patent

The four sensors will be optimized for the four colors of Microsoft Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. Larger color range as Yellow added to the standard RGB(Red, Green, Blue) making it RGBY. Well, this worked out perfectly for Microsoft. Color filters can also improve camera performance in low light.

It's still unknown when and how Microsoft decides to use "Logo camera". As laptop's bezels are getting thinner too, this can be a needed invention to the laptop camera, and if any other Laptop company plans to use this tech in their laptops, Microsoft will be at an advantage as the logo is already integrated into the tech.