Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

More details about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's under-display camera appeared in latest leak


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the third generation Folding Smartphone by Samsung's new flagship lineup, and it is getting a lot of hype and leaks for some months. And the first-ever under-display camera by Samsung is also expected to come in this Folding Flagship.

A reliable leaker Ice universe on Twitter stated two days ago, that "Fold3's UPC transmittance is as high as 40%+". This means Samsung has achieved record-breaking transparency for the screen above the front camera, with 40% of the light passing through.

And now he leaked that the under-display will not be as perfect as you may have expected, as it will have a mosaic pattern on the screen over the camera, still the camera will work as expected. And it will obviously improve overtime.

Samsung fold3 under display camera

However he doesn't revealed the device name on the post but its seems pretty obvious he is talking about Fold 3 and first comment on the post made it more clear that it is a Samsung Phone for sure, as he shared the Samsung Galaxy A31 wallpaper which matches the wallpaper in leaked pic.

samsung a31 wallpaper