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After Paid Blue Subscription, Twitter is working on bringing these new useful features for Free


Twitter is working on some new features for the free version after the Twitter Blue subscription proved to be a total bust as nobody got the features they were hoping to be premium-worthy.

Researcher and Twitter upcoming features leaker, Jane Manchun Wong shared three upcoming features on Twitter. The first feature is the “Change Who Can Reply” which as the name suggests, allows you to change who can reply to your tweet after publishing the tweet.

The next feature will be really useful for influencers dealing with trolls on daily basis. The feature is "Safety Mode" which will autoblock the trolls' accounts that use harmful language or send uninvited replies repetitively, for 7 days. The accounts you follow or often interact with won't be affected by this feature.

The last feature, Twitter might be introducing soon will be for Twitter Spaces. And it is less of a feature, Twitter is working on Raised Hand emoji reaction in Twitter Spaces, which already exist in most of the video-conferencing software.