After Xiaomi, Now Motorola is working to bring over-the-air wireless charging tech for its smartphones


Motorola is the latest smartphone manufacturer trying to make over-the-air charging possible after the Xiaomi teasing under development over-the-air charging tech. Motorola is partnering up with California-based wireless tech startup GuRu.

Motorola is planning to make a device that will charge your phones wirelessly over the distance like wifi providing you internet over radio waves. The new technology will be possible by partnering with GuRu wireless inc which uses "proprietary millimeter-wave (mmWave) integrated circuits, modules, and proprietary Smart RF Lensing technology". Motorola is the second smartphone manufacturer after Xiaomi to announce its plan about developing this tech.

GuRu wireless inc was founded in 2017 and has made some advancements in this new tech. There are prototype product videos on the site and an evaluation kit that businesses can try and integrate the over-the-air power tech with their product.

"At Motorola we are constantly working to bring innovations to the market that can improve our consumers' lives. With this solution we will provide a glimpse of the freedom and flexibility that users can enjoy with a revolutionary over-the-air, wireless power technology," said Dan Dery, VP of Product at Motorola. "With GuRu, we imagine a new generation of wirelessly powered devices."

There is no definite date when Motorola is going to reveal the new over-the-air wireless charging tech but the early stage of the tech gives the sense it will be a long wait.