Samsung to bring Exynos chipset with AMD GPU to Windows Laptops in late 2021


Samsung to introduce the Laptop version of its mobile processor chip Exnyos. Samsung is expected introduce a new Exynos chip for laptops in the second half of this year to compete with the likes of Intel and Apple's new flagship M1 chip.

The new Samsung Exynos chip for laptops will use the GPU from AMD and have 5 nm processing technology and "will offer improved function, extraordinary computing power and battery efficiency" according to report.

Samsung will be the first windows laptop manufacurer to manufacture both the laptop and the processor inside to power it and it will be exciting to see how much improvement it will bring compared to Apple M1. But Apple has one advantage over Exynos, in addition to entire laptop hardware and chip, Apple uses in-house optimized software in their macbooks while Samsung uses Windows.

The new exynos chip is expected to power both laptops and smartphones and possibly tablets just like apple. It is still unclear if every country will get the same exynos powered laptop or only users based in Europe, UAE, Brazil or India will get to use it (Depends on it capabilties against its competition).