Just like Twitter, Facebook will also show a pop-up to ensure that you have read the article you are sharing


Facebook began testing new pop-up to ensure that a user has read the article before sharing it. Social media platforms have long started the efforts to fight fake news and rumors, and prevent it to get any momentum on the web, for which companies announced many features over the years.

And now following Twitter's lead, Facebook has also announced a pop-up to make sure user has read the article he/she is sharing, through Twitter. A Facebook spokesperson said the test would be rolled out to only 6 percent of Android users worldwide for now.

While some users find it annoying at the time of sharing a good read on the platform, the feature can really help in creating awareness to read before sharing and adding a extra step for spammers to spam fake news.

Twitter also found success with the feature that urge users to read a link before retweeting it, introduced last June.