Apple is reportedly planning to bring new iMac like colors to new MacBook


Apple is reportedly working to bring new colors to MacBook after introducing the new iMac with new colors two weeks ago. The leak was first reported by a famous and trusted leaker John Prosser on his YouTube channel.

Apple has already tested prototypes of the new MacBook model in several colors. According to Prosser, Apple plans to target ordinary customers with new colors rather than professionals and businessmen.

Here is a MacBook Air Concept render by popular artist Ian Zelbo:


The leak has not come as a surprise as Apple has generally increased the color options of its products like iPhones now come in 6 colors (at least the base models) from just 3 colors for iPhone 8. And Apple launched the new iMac with 6 new colors and one new color for iPhone 12.

Plus Jon Prosser already leaked incoming new iMac in different colors in February. So there are almost no reasons to doubt this leak.

The new MacBook with new colors and updated design is expected to be released this year or next with the new Apple M2 chip. Reportedly, Apple is also working on introducing a new MacBook Air with a mini LED display by next year.