Google brings New Gboard App to Wear OS


Google's Wear OS is not of competition for the Apple Watch as Android is for iOS, and it is not expected to change soon too. But one experience Google is improving for Wear OS users and that is typing on the watch. Google is introducing Gboard to the Wear OS with fresh design and multi-language support.

It's been years since Google has added any new app to the Wear OS and Gboard is really a good choice to bring it to the OS as it has some actual advancement to bring to the Wearable. Plus Gboard is one of the few apps that got really popular on android.

The new Gboard on Wear OS will keep all the key features that made it popular on android just as gesture writing, voice input, multiple language support, and a full QWERTY keyboard. You will also get more word suggestions on the app by scrolling, with more suggestion appearing along the top of the keyboard as you're typing.


This update is not enough to improve the image of Wear OS alone but it could be the start of more improvements we could be seeing in the future and Google I/O this year which is less than two weeks away. Google also confirmed by ending the blog post with: "We’re super excited to bring this update to the Wear OS Community in the coming days. We can’t wait to share what more is in store for Wear OS by Google in 2021!"