Google to bring a major design change to Chrome's Global Media Control


Google is planning to bring design changes to the Global Media Control on Chrome Browser and Chromium Repository, reported by a Reddit user Leopeva64 There is still no information on when you can see these changes on the browser.

The recently introduced Global Media Controls on Chrome was a much-needed feature as it lets you control every media playing on your browser in one place. The first one is how the album art looks, album art will be shown as a full and contained image instead of zoomed-in and the new version looks pretty good without the image zoomed in the weird parts of the picture, in my opinion.


A device selector is also getting added to the bottom of the media control box. Which shows you the nearby devices and cast the media on those devices.


The last and most notable change is the look of the play and pause buttons. They will get a more attention-seeking look with circular borders and fewer buttons. Global Media Controls is also expected to get a dedicated volume slider on the media card itself, according to Chromium repository commit.