Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy seen with smaller notch in a video


The latest Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max to be launched with a smaller notch than iPhone 12 is being rumored for few weeks. A new video from one of the most famous tech YouTuber Unbox Therapy has shown a closer look at the smaller notch and few more design changes with an iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy unit.

The dummy unit was Sent from China and sourced by Ben Geskin. Unbox Therapy claimed it as "the closest, best-look yet at the next generation of iPhone." The dummy unit is believed to have the same look and feel compared to the actual phone.

To accomplish the smaller notch design Apple is expected to accomplish by moving the speaker above the notch of the phone. In terms of actual width, iPhone 12 Pro has a notch of 34.62 millimeters in width and iPhone 13 dummy has showcased a notch of 26.31 millimeters width, almost a centimeter less than the previous model notch.

The latest iPhone 13 model is also expected with a bigger camera bump, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature an upgraded ultra-wide camera, going from 5P (f/2.4) and fixed focus (FF) to 6P (f/1.8).


The iPhone 13 Pro Max is also expected to finally add a 120Hz refresh rate display sourced by Samsung.