Telegram might introduce its Video Conferencing feature in May to compete with Zoom


Telegram plans to bring a group video calling feature on its platform to compete with Zoom. Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps right now and has a loyal user base with cybersecurity as a prime concern, Whereas Zoom didn't start on a good foot in terms of cybersecurity. Telegram founder Pavel Durov has revealed that the platform will add the group video call feature sometime in May.

Telegram also plans to bring features like background noise cancellation and screen sharing, with fully encrypted video calls. The group video call feature is also expected to be introduced for desktop and tablet users in addition to phones.


Telegram has always focused on messaging and introduced some awesome features like supergroups, channels over the years and although Telegram was late than its competitor Whatsapp to introduce video call feature, it seems like they are catching up. And with all the privacy issues with Whatsapp recently users are moving to Telegram and Signal anyway.

The new Telegram group video feature gives the host more control over the call, where most attendants can’t speak by default, and the host can set few people as speakers while the rest just listens.