Facebook launches its own Clubhouse rival, a new Q&A platform called Hotline


Facebook has launched beta testing of a new Q&A application called Hotline, developed by its experimental app development division, the NPE Team. This app directly competes with Clubhouse.

The new app Hotline is currently only available as a web app in the US and allows sign-in via Twitter. for now, the platform only has a waitlist and a tool for applying to host your own show. "Facebook has created designs for mobile versions of the app, though those do not appear to be live at this moment." reported by TechCrunch


Twitter is also testing a clubhouse alternative Spaces and Discord also announced a clubhouse-like feature last week, although Hotline gives hosts a choice to use audio or video session, unlike Clubhouse.

“Facebook employees will moderate events and remove anyone that violates Facebook’s Community Standards, Terms of Service, Data Policy, or the NPE Team’s Supplemental Terms.” TechCrunch reported.