Discord launches Stage Channels, a Clubhouse-like feature for audio events


Discord launches Stage Channels, a feature taken from Clubhouse which lets you broadcast live audio conversations to a room of virtual listeners.

The social media ecosystem has changed a lot in 2020, which allowed a lot of new kinds of apps like the video conferencing app Zoom and a virtual party platform Houseparty to become popular. Clubhouse, a drop-in chat platform also got launched during quarantine, and a new feature in social media never gets to remain exclusive. But Discord is the most suitable app for this feature to be added in.

Discord already offers voice channels for years, which allow everyone in them to talk freely. Stage Channel will only let certain people talk at once to a group of listeners, which will make them useful for events like live podcasts or AMAs (Ask Me Anything).


You can also assign Stage moderators to a Stage channel, to add, remove, or mute an existing speaker. Stage moderators can also get listeners to the "Stage" to speak if someone "Raise Hands" and then move them back to the audience afterward. "Think of them like a stagehand, keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes while you’re talking to the crowd." Company said.

Discord is available on Android, iOS, and Windows plus a huge audience base and a large number of youtube creators and gamers, which gives them a substantial advantage over its competitor Clubhouse, which is only available on iOS for now.