Snap might announce its advanced AR Spectacles for Developers in May


Snap is working on the next-gen of Spectacles smart glasses. While Spectacles allowed you to record snaps on them, According to a report by the Information, the new model will come with glasses capable of Augmented Reality effects.

However, the augmented reality Spectacles will only be aimed at developers and creators of AR effects on Snapchat rather than the consumer. The report suggests that Snap is hoping developers will use the Spectacles to build out new and better AR effects for the glasses, with the aim of later providing the AR glasses to consumers.

The upcoming Spectacles will be able to superimpose Snapchat lenses on the real world in real-time. Previous models of Spectacles weren't capable to show those effects on the glasses themselves because they lacked displays in them.

Snap might unveil the Spectacles at its annual developer conference, which will be held virtually in May.