Google Launches a new AI Document Sacnner app "Stack" for Android


Google launches a new Document Scanner app called Stack. App is published by Google's Area 120, which is an Google’s in-house incubator for apps and services. Some of pouplar Area 120’s products include Google News, the Cardboard VR headset, and computer program learning app Grasshopper.

Google already have document scanning feature in Drive, which works pretty well, But this app brings new features that are not only available on Drive but make this app compete against apps like Adobe Scanner and Microsoft Lens.

google-stack-1 google-stack-2

App is filled with AI features like Automatically naming and categorizing the document, let you search the document by its content not just the title or by its "due date" or "amount due" if its a Bill. App also allows you to lock the confidential documents, which will only open using a registered fingerprint or face. You can also connect Stack with Google Drive which will automatically save a copy of your scanned documents there.

Slack is an experimental app, so there is a good posibility it have some bugs which will be repaired overtime. “It’s early days — our algorithms still get things wrong, but we’re improving them every day." Company said.

At the moment, Stack is only available for Android users in the U.S.