According to Stanford Study, Apple Watch can accurately assess the frailty of cardiovascular patients at home


Apple Watch is the most advanced health management watch you can buy right now and Apple might give you yet one more reason to buy Apple Watch. MyHealthyApple reported, Apple funded Stanford University Researchers has published the data which claims that Apple Watch can accurately gauge the frailty of cardiovascular disease patients at home or in-clinic.

The study was conducted between May 2028 to May 2019 and was funded by Apple. the study consisted of 110 Veterans Affairs patients using an Apple Watch Series 3.

The data used for the tests was collected by VascTrac app. "App were able to accurately assess ‘frailty’ with a sensitivity of 90% and specificity of 85%."

The study required patients to take regular six-minute walking tests at home, then compare those results to their in-clinic performance for the same test.

The study concluded: "In this longitudinal observational study, passive activity data acquired by an Apple Watch were an accurate predictor of in-clinic 6MWT performance. This finding suggests that frailty and functional capacity could be monitored and evaluated remotely in patients with cardiovascular disease, enabling safer and higher resolution monitoring of patients."